Great Friends are Good for Your Health!

The Bible says this in James 5:16 “Admit your faults to one another [notice it doesn’t say to God. It says admit your faults to one another…] and pray for each other so that you may be healed.”

Let me clarify this.  If all you want in life is to be forgiven for your faults just confess them to God. But if you want to be healed of them, if you want to get over them, the starting point is to share them with somebody else.  Revealing your feelings is the beginning of healing. You know those habits you don’t like?  You’re never going to get well on your own.  You need other people. God wired the universe that some things we only improve on with the help of others.  We have to team tackle them.

Not only does the Bible talk about this, science has confirmed it over and over and over that you’ll live longer and you’ll live healthier if you have healthy friendships.  If you don’t have healthy friendships you’re going to die sooner than you imagine.  People without friends don’t live as long as people with deep friendships.  They’re not as healthy.  One of the reasons is friends give you a place to unload your negative emotions.