Happy Mother’s Day!

The Bible tells us to honor mothers, to honor our parents.  Ephesians quoting from the Ten Commandments in the Old Testament says this “Honor your father and mother.”  It was so important, God put into the Ten Commandments!

God would not have put that into the Ten Commandments just as a nice sentiment.  Like “That’ll look good on a card someday.  I think I’ll put it in the Ten Commandments!”  No.  God didn’t have to put it in there.  God’s eternal.  He was never born.  He didn’t have to put it in there to please His mom.  That’s not why it’s in the Ten Commandments.  It is there because God knows it’s vital for our spiritual health, for our emotional health, to honor our parents.

So how can you honor your mother?  Even if they’re no longer live you can still honor your mother.  Even if you didn’t know your mom or you had a terrible mom you can still honor the fact that she labored to bring you into this world.  We can honor all moms by seeing the importance of what they’re doing and helping them out in what they’re doing.

Appreciate the fact that she labored to bring you into this world.  Appreciate the fact that you weren’t aborted.  Appreciate the fact that you are alive.

Why is that important?  Because the Bible says, “Honor your father and your mother.”  Even the smallest amount of honor that you can give is healthy for your soul.  Moms need appreciation.  With most moms the truth of the matter is there are hundreds, there are thousands of things, to appreciate.  If your mom is here take every opportunity you can.  Don’t miss a chance to appreciate her.  Say it.  Say it with words, say it with flowers, say it with candy, say it with cards, say it with stocks and bonds – say it however you want to say it but say it.

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