Easter Week ends at the Cross!


In the Old Testament for thousands of years God had been telling humanity I’m going to send a Savior. I’m going to send a Messiah. I’m going to send the anointed one. I’m going to send the Savior of the world.
And in those thousands of years they’re all in the Old Testament, there are over three hundred and eighty predictions about what the Messiah would be and what he would do, where he would be born, and all these different things. Three hundred and eighty predictions. This was so people would know this is the guy. Because there were lots of people who claimed to be the Son of God but how could you really know it really was Him? There were three hundred eighty prophecies and you had to fulfill every one of them.
For instance you know that the Bible says He would be born in Bethlehem. Kind of hard to pick your birth place. He had no control over that.
They said He would be taken to Egypt as a young baby. And He was.
They said He would be raised in Nazareth. The prophecy said He’ll do miracles. He’ll raise the dead. There were prophecies in the Old Testament that say that He’ll be betrayed by a friend. He’ll be falsely accused but He’ll be innocent. Then there’s a prophecy that says He’ll be hung on a cross.
Here’s the problem. That prediction in the Bible was a thousand years before the Romans invented crucifixion. Nobody had even heard of it. What’s a cross? So for hundreds of years nobody would even know what that meant. But it was predicted. He will die on a cross.

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