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The Greatest Gift Ever Given!

I heard an interview with Larry King, the talk show guy, a while back.  Someone asked him in this interview, Is there someone you have never interviewed that you would like to interview?  His answer was, “Yes.  I would like to interview God.  I’d like to have a person to person interview with God.”  I wanted to tell him you can do that any time.  It’s called prayer.  But the man went on to say, if you interviewed God, what would you ask Him?  He said, “The first question I’d ask Him is, did You ever have a Son?” 

God already answered that question.  He sent His Son.  How much more clearly can you answer that question than by sending from heaven to earth this Son to walk this earth, to die on a cross to become resurrected again?  He has answered that one loudly and clearly – much more loudly and clearly than if Larry King got to talk to him live and have Him say it.  He had a Son.  God gave His Son.  

God is like Hallmark: He cared enough to give His very best.  When it came to meeting our needs, the only way to meet the need that was created because of the sin in our lives was for His Son to come as a perfect sacrifice give His life on a cross.  Because it was a perfect sacrifice He could die for our sins.  That’s what was happening on the cross.  That’s why God gave on the cross.  He could give Himself for us.  He could die for our sins.  He could die for the world’s sins.

Does the price, the cost of our salvation – Jesus’ death – does that stop being meaningful the moment you become a Christian?  He paid the price, I’m forgiven, and I go on.  The truth is, that price He paid is meaningful to me, every day of my life.  And probably for you too.  I sin every day of my life in large ways and small ways.  Probably most of you do too.  Either things that you do or things you don’t do.  Every time we sin, that cost is meaningful again, that forgiveness is meaningful again.  When I asked Christ to come into my life, He forgave all of my sins – past, present and future.  But every day of my life I’m reminded to the fact that He forgave all my sins – past, present and future.  That’s the significance of that price.  God so loved the world that He gave.  God gave.

Before I become a believer, I must believe in Jesus Christ in order to receive salvation into my life.  After I become a believer, I must believe in Jesus Christ in order to enjoy that salvation in my life.  You can’t get rid of this gift but sometimes you can stop enjoying the gift. 

You’re going to get a few gifts this Christmas – I call them garage shelf gifts.  They look really great when you open the package but you’re not exactly sure how you’re going to use it.  After Christmas when you’re cleaning up, you take it out and set it on a garage shelf somewhere and that’s where it sets.  Maybe it gets covered but it’s still there.  You’re not enjoying that gift.  You have the gift but you’re not enjoying the gift. 

It’s tragic that many, many believers do that with God’s greatest gift.  This gift comes into our lives and we open it up and say, Wow!  But to really put it into our lives we have to rearrange the furniture a little bit.  We’re not sure we want to do that.  We might have to throw a bunch of furniture out.  We say, I can’t lose this gift of salvation but for now I’ll just put it over here in the garage.  We have it but we’re not enjoying it. 

The thing about this gift is it’s not like some lifeless knick-knack that you stick out in the garage. This is life!  This is God!  He’s not patient just to stay in the garage.  He keeps trying to get into your life.  He keeps trying to get into the living rooms and the family rooms and the bedrooms and workrooms of our life.  So if you want this gift to be a garage shelf gift what you’re going to find yourself doing again and again is taking Him back out and He’ll just knock through another door. 

There’s no greater gift.  If you’ve found yourself doing that, here’s your goal for next year:  let Him in.  Enjoy the gift.  That’s why He gave it to you.  Sure you might have to rearrange your life but it’s worth it.  It’s the greatest gift you’ve ever been given.  Believe in Him.  Trust in His gift.