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Takes a licking…..keeps on ticking!

Years ago, Timex had a slogan about their watches:  “Timex…takes a licking and keeps on ticking.”  The idea was simply that no matter what you did to a Timex watch, it would keep working.  If I remember correctly, they even had a commercial that showed a barren wasteland after a nuclear explosion.    Lying on the ground was a Timex watch…ticking away!

Faith is a lot like that…it takes a licking and keeps on ticking!  So many things try to disrupt our faith.  But it seems that we as the church just keep ticking away.

Satan hates our faith.  Why?  Because the root cause of his fall from heaven is the idea that he lost faith in his creator. Illustration:  What amazes me is this: He pushes us…and often tries our faith…and most often pushes us right into the arms of God.  He can’t seem to be able to control himself…and the result is that we grow in faith.

But here’s the deal: Even though our faith is shaken up at times, even though our faith is challenged and disrupted…we have to continue to lean on the understanding that behind it all…God is at work.



I don’t know if any of you get as irked at hearing a teenager utter the word ‘whatever’ as much as I do, but I have noticed something about my amazing bride.  Now if you know her, don’t readily assume, that her response to you is the same as to me, but after 29 years with her, I have learned the real meaning behind her ‘Whatever’!  and that in a nutshell is this!  It means, ‘I’m right, your wrong, and you just need to shut up!”

This morning we were talking about getting results from prayer and how God answers those prayer.  I have often used the idea, that God answers all prayers.  Sometimes yes, sometimes no, and sometimes not yet!  Maybe God’s answers are closer to Rachelle’s!  Since He always knows what is best for us, and delivers based on that, then maybe when we pray our answer is a ‘Whatever’!  Really?  You just prayed for that?  I’m right, your wrong, and you just need to shut up!